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Audiovideo2day stands for sound and vision internetmagazine and events.

Information about vision and sound in the broadest sense. Editorials, tests and reports. Services: buying tips, shops, brand importers, tutorials. Through a personalized account, you can organize the home page according to your wishes.


Year after year, audiovideo2day organizes fairs and events about vision and sound, always in a relaxed atmosphere. From best known brands to small specialized labels. It is a great opportunity for consumers to have a good overview of the market and also for them who seek advice and guidance during many demonstrations.

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Audiovideo2day was conceived as a European platform. Choose your language, country and region on and enter the exciting audio-visual world.


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Audiovideo2day works with reference rooms: the Diamond Room and the Aventage Room. Discover this jewel of a reference room, equipped with a 7.3 AV system in the perfect acoustical climate.

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