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Enjoying your music always and everywhere in a way you have never done before? That is possible with the Samsung DA-E651 wireless audio dock!

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Mon 9 jul 2012 - 10:07
Brand : Samsung - TV & Audio-Video

Enjoying your music always and everywhere in a way you have never done before? That is possible with the Samsung DA-E651 wireless audio dock! At least, that is what they promise. It is our job to check if those promises can live up to our expectations...

Perfect match
South Korean Samsung is one of the world's largest multinationals and the first trimester of 2012, Samsung claimed together with Apple pretty much all profits in the Smartphone market: a match made in heaven? That might be one step too far, although they can perfectly coexist, so why not put a dual docking-system on the market that offers the possibility to enjoy your music from different smart appliances such as the Samsung Galaxy-appliances via a 5-pins dock and Apple-appliances such as iPhone and iPod via a 30-pins dock.
When using the DA-E651 wireless audio dock Samsung promises an optimal sound quality with the built-in subwoofer, glass fibre speakers and USB-port. Also, loss of quality when transferring music doesn't stand a chance thanks to the Bluetooth 3.0 with apt-X-technology. Access all your music, even in digital format thanks to USB-memory sticks. And thanks to the Aux-input you will get access to numerous other sound sources. Every appliance with a 3.5 mm-plug, such as your cd- or dvd-player, karaoke machine, MP3-player or record player can be connected. The sky is the limit!

And action!
So full of expectation we are getting started! When opening the box and revealing the DA-E651and the eye being delighted thanks to the great looks of the horn shaped design it is tempting to blast your favourite music from your speakers immediately. In my mind I automatically start looking for a place in the interior which will get a trendy touch instantly. The first impression is definitely a positive one.

After everything is unpacked and displayed, it immediately becomes clear that you don't have to be a genius to get the appliance to start because there are only eight separate parts. With the manual within reach I get to work as fast as I can to let the DA-E651 wireless audio dock show what it is worth. Everything is explained step by step and after I successfully connected the DC-adapter, the remote is next. That one puts my patience to the test because I almost lost a nail in the struggle to open the lid ...

Full sound
The rest of the operation goes by almost perfectly and after I smoothly connected the iPhone to the 30-pins dock, which slides out with one simple push, Miss Beyoncé sounded at the top of her voice from these impressive speakers. It needs to be said, the expectations of this sound are fulfilled immediately! A rich sound fills the room and is here to stay, because you want more. Furthermore your Samsung Galaxy -or Apple appliance will be mollycoddled thanks to a rubber skin and support which also prevents direct contact with the set when you are holding the device.

With the remote you can switch the device on and off, skip to the previous or next music file, adjust the volume, optimize or muffle the sound, play or interrupt a music file and adjust the function mode. The fact is that there are four functions which are indicated with four different icons you can choose from. There is the TV-Mode, which connects the TV with the wireless audio dock and makes that you can play the sound of the TV effortlessly and you can enjoy the extra volume. Besides that we spotted the Docking Mode for Samsung Galaxy -and Apple appliances, the Bluetooth-Mode which connects a Bluetooth appliance with the wireless audio dock and last but not least the USB-Mode. To use this you must connect the USB-device to the USB-port at the back of the device first.

When the device is within reach you can also manually operate the appliance thanks to the basic function keys on the device itself which operate as a touch screen. You can manually switch the device on and off, adjust the volume and choose a function mode. The remote is therefore a must when operating the dual dock. Note to myself: never lose the remote!

Let's go through the points once again; Design? Check! Functionality? Check! Sound experience? Double check! It cannot be denied that the listening experience is satisfying for the full 100 percent with a full and rich sound which rouses your senses. Add the impressive design which is a visual addition for your interior and the ingenious dual docking system and the picture is complete.

But how far do we have to reach into our pockets to be able to enjoy this impressive dual docking system and is the price/quality ratio fair? The recommended price is 249 Euros and that really is a fair price for so many possibilities packed up in such a great design and covered with a stunning sound experience.

Conclusion? The price/quality ratio of the Samsung DA-E651 wireless audio dock is right and those who attach value to the quality of music and also want to have a large choice of connection possibilities is going to be really satisfied with the Bluetooth 3.0 with apt-X-technology!

Pro's and con's
+ A dual docking-audio system
+ Play music via USB
+ Bluetooth 3.0
+ AUX-connectivity
+ The use of dual docking for both Galaxy S2, Note and iPhone.
+ You can play your music immediately via USB and Bluetooth 3.
+ You can stream faster in a higher quality.
+ A satisfying listening experience and a pretty design.
- Size of the appliance.
- Explicit design does not appeal to everyone.


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