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Until recently, photography and dslr cameras didn't remind me of Samsung. Since I had a NX20 in my hands, this has changed. The relatively compact SLR is really powerful.

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Tue 7 aug 2012 - 10:16
Brand : Samsung - Foto & Camcorder

Easy to use and plenty of possibilities
Until recently, photography and dslr cameras didn't remind me of Samsung. Since I had a NX20 in my hands, this has changed. The relatively compact SLR is really powerful, with its 20.3 effective megapixels sensor and a shutter speed of 1/8000 to 30 seconds. The device has an easy fit in the hand, and offers a pleasant control of well-distributed switches and buttons. Moreover, the camera delivers excellent pictures, and that is of course the ultimate objective.

The control of the functions works reasonably intuitive, especially for those who frequently work with digital SLR's. A small, annoying flaw in the model I was holding, was that the OK button of the round set button on the back was slightly askew. This would disturb me if I had bought a brand new camera. But it should not spoil the fun. Adjusting the settings works well; information is orderly presented on the large bright display. This screen can be folded out so that it is located next to the camera, but it can also be folded to the back of the camera, with the display side visible or with the sensitive side turned to the back side. Indeed, there is an electronic eyepiece that in normal mode is switched automatically by a sensor from screen to viewfinder when you hold the Samsung NX20 close to your eye. To quickly switch manually between display and viewfinder can only by using the menu, but in normal use it is not very often needed. The eyepiece is adjustable. I found the hard cap around the viewfinder a little drawback. It doesn't feel comfortable and if you wear glasses you have to take care not to damage them.

Practical points
Samsung has carefully thought about the functions. For example, it is nice that the NX20 counts with wifi. Thus, you can share the photos you made with your networks, in a fast and easy way, without the need of carrying around cables or memory cards. This is both convenient and timesaving. Also the i-function button on the lens is a very nice extra. This function allows you to set fast and easily the most used features such as shutter speed, exposure, aperture and even the white balance. If you press the button, the current setting shows up on your display, and you can adjust it with the focus ring of the lens. I find it very convenient. The clear and graphical display makes it possible to see from almost any angle how your picture will look like. It works very nice.

Fast boy
With a shutter time of 1/8000, the NX20 is a fast camera. Fortunately, the response of the autofocus and further operation is also accurate. So, you do not have to miss that special moment because your camera is not ready, an important requisite for many photographers. If I can believe Samsung, the professional 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor would ensure recordings that may compete with high-quality SLR cameras. Each pixel has a large sensor area and captures more light. That implies low noise, a wide dynamic range and accurate colour shading. The test photos I made indeed look really well. Even in the gloom, the camera still performs quite nice.  When I can avoid flashlight, I will always try it, and with this model it still delivers nice results.  If you would also like to film, you will appreciate the built-in sensor that provides Full HD stereo video output functionality.

The lens
The attached 18-55 lens impressed me less, but that is certainly not unique. By default, a body rarely delivered a really good lens. So far, I have always purchased a better, and more comprehensive lens with every body, whether or not by another brand. A short search on the Internet soon shows that also for this model plenty of opportunities are available, with a higher light output, a wider angle and/or zoom and a more robust construction. The delivered one produces great photos for anyone who wants to make regular shorts, but feels quite unnatural and will probably not satisfy photographers with high expectations.

Many extras
Who wants more than just taking fast, good and nice pictures, can content his heart. There are the high-speed shooting function, which makes capturing fast moving objects more easy, and the ability to take super-fast series of shots, with 8 frames per second. This can yield beautiful pictures. The previously mentioned wifi function also offers plenty of options. Besides the easy transfer and safeguard of your recordings, it is possible to immediately mail or upload to photo/video sites or social media. New smartphones with Android 2.2 or higher and the Galaxy Tab can communicate with the camera and can even serve as a remote shutter release. Also video enthusiasts can enjoy the NX20, not only for its quality, but also by the zoom facilities and fade in/out functions. Who wants to give his pictures a more artistic character, should certainly experiment with the special filter options. For example, it is possible to emphasize a particular colour.

A good acquisition
All in all I think the NX20 a nice acquisition. Its literally and figuratively handy format appeals to me, it's nice and easy to work with the camera and the results are well worth. With 20.3 effective megapixels, this device delivers results that are up to professional standards. The response time of the electronics and the wide sensor area of the pixels are considerable. Who has high demands on modern photography and yet wants an affordable class, will find in this Samsung a great model. Nevertheless I reiterate that a better lens will mean a significant upgrade. The features and adjustment options are very extensive, but also in automatic mode this camera does fine. Starters who desire a certain degree of quality from the beginning, can confidently choose this model.

+ Quite compact but reasonably good grip

+ Easy operation

+ Wifi possibilities

+ Plenty of options

- Standard plastic lens is somehow unnatural

- Hard hood around the viewfinder



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