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Audiovideo2day has hired Miriam De Visch as account manager.

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Wed 1 feb 2012 - 08:29

Audiovideo2day has hired Miriam De Visch as account manager. Her job will be to visit shops in Flanders, Wallonia and the north of France and to convince them of the concept of the internet magazine of audiovideo2day.

Dirk Voordeckers, director of audiovideo2day explains : "Until recently, David Sterken worked as account manager for audivideo2day. He visited a lot of shops. We now hand over this job to Miriam De Visch. Some customers we visited together, so that the changeover runs smoothly and professional. Other shops she approached indepedently so that people get to know her as soon as possible. I am convinced that Miriam will take this job seriously and with enormous dedication.

"As directors it is our challenge to explore the European character of audiovideo2day. Our internet magazine already has partnerships with many leading companies and brands in the Benelux. It is time now for audiovideo2day to expand its contacts to the France, the United Kingdom and soon also Germany. In order to be able to concentrate us on that task, an account manager is no luxury. We are convinced that Miriam De Visch is the right person for this function." thus Marco Lisi, director of audiovideo2day.

Miriam De Visch enjoyed a French upbringing and is perfectly bilingual. In addition, she speaks fluently English and also some German. The audiovisual sector is familiar ground since she formerly was employed at New Invor where she gained quite some sales experience as account manager. In addition, she has a lot of market knowledge and she knows a lot of the current audiovisual sector and the contemporary trends. Useful assets that can be very useful to accomplish her job.

Miriam enjoyed an education in languages and receipt/hostess.
She likes to spend time with friends and relatives and she likes to solve Swedish crossword puzzles. Furthermore, she enjoys a good movie and broadens her horizons while on vacation.

From 11 January 2012, Miriam De Visch is officially on the road for audiovideo2day. Hopefully it'll be a pleasant acquantance!

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